AiDav was started back in the 1990s when two friends (Adrian Evans and Tim Davies) got together to make short films together.

The founder (Adrian Evans) has been trained at Curtin University (Australia) in film and television, with a degree in that field.

Business Model

Our business model is set up to save you money. We don't keep a large staff but instead hire from our freelancer team as needed. The amount of freelancers hired per project varies on its complexity. This keeps our overheads to a minimum and keeps costs down.

Meet the staff

Adrian Evans

- Owner operator - Editor - Lighting - 1st Camera/Cinematographer - Excutive Producer - Photographer



Hi, I'm Adrian. I'm the owner and operator of AiDav Productions. I've been trained in Film and Television at a post-grad level and have made videos and TV shows that have won awards (such as the  Antenna Award for best Youth TV show) in Australia. I am a skilled editor, cameraman, director, producer, 2D animator, motion graphics animator, photographer and artist. Even if I do say so myself.

My team and I dedicate ourselves fully to your project. Going beyond what you'd expect to give you the product you want and deserve. Professional yet affordable is our aim. We are your one stop digital media production house. We do video, photography, graphics, sound and vision for events and much more. If your in Hong Kong on business or have lived here for years, we're here to help you.

Let me introduce some of the staff I hire to help you achieve your visual media dreams.

Let me start with the partners. Donald Chen and Matthew Chu.



Donald Chen

- Photographer - 2nd Camera - Co-Producer - Art Director - AiDav Partner -



Donald is the owner/operator of a Hong Kong based on location photography service company (www.studionehk.com) and a partner in AiDav Productions. He brings his excellent photography and producing skills to the team. Fluent in Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese), Cantonese and English he can cross cultural boundaries to make your production as smooth as possible in the major market areas of Hong Kong. On a typical shoot Donald takes the role of Art Director controlling the look of a given shot/


A well-rounded photo artist, Donald has over 20 years photography experience in multi-cultural environment in travel, event (wedding) documentary and portraiture photography in the countries around the world such as Japan, China, France, Italy, Canada and UK . His specialty is portraiture photography.







Matthew Chu

- Director - Project Manager - Photographer - 2nd Camera - Co-Producer - Sound Tech - AiDav Partner -



Matthew brings over 30 years of experience to the team. He has been a photographer for many years and has produced his own television series under his old production company. He's also a sound master with extensive knowledge of sound setups and production. He has helped people build and stock sound studios and setup sound for events.

Matthew is our director on shoots where he uses his years of knowledge to organise and control a shoot.





We also have freelance workers that come on to a project when needed.

Stuart Dobie
- Sound techician
Stuart (originally from Scotland) is a highly skilled sound tech who has organised and mixed sound for many live events and video projects. His technical skill and keen ear give the audio of project a clear advantage.

Ursula Lin
- Translator - Subtitle Editor - 2nd Camera - Assistant

Ursula has studied in Taiwan, the USA and Hong Kong. She speaks English, Cantonese and Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese). She is working with us doing translations and subtitles as well as other things.


There are more workers we can call on too, it all depends on the project.

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